Healthy Volunteers (Control Participants)

Welcome to the SAHMRI Mind & Brain Theme. As a healthy volunteer we will ask you about participating in some of our mental health research studies. You should register here if you are interested in being a healthy volunteer and would like to hear more about our research. One of our team will be in touch with you by telephone or email to give you more information and to offer you opportunities to join different projects in our research. In becoming a healthy volunteer you will be making an important contribution to our research into mental disorders such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other major disorders. You can read more about these in the ‘Mental Health Studies’ section on the home page. Thank you for taking time to volunteer, please register your interest below. When you register with us, you get access to goAct, your own online personal health toolbox.
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What is goAct?

goAct helps us gather information from you to assist in our research whilst giving you direct feedback on your health and mood.

Your information in goAct is safe and secure (See Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy of goAct).


goAct integrates with several popular personal monitoring apps and devices. View All

Garmin Connect
Jawbone UP
23 and me

Measure and track your health on day to day basis


Sleep and Diet


Bring all your health measures together to give you dynamic pictures of your health

I am interested in using goAct to track my personal health.

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